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AIDS: They Suckered Us
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Book Title: AIDS: They Suckered Us
Record Number: 3552
Author: Noreen Martin
Author Bio: Noreen Martin has a Bachelor's degree in holistic nutrition. She is an author, student, AIDS Rethinker, Low Dose Naltrexone advocate, and supporter of The Fair Foundation. Noreen had full-blown AIDS 8 years ago and for 6 years she has not taken the AIDS medicines. She lives with her husband in Hanahan, outside of Charleston, South Carolina.
ISBN: 978-1-61863-108-4
Binding: Paperback Format
Author Email ID: 35milano@gmail.com
Book Description:   AIDS was the perfect storm due to several events that converged in the early 1980's. For 30 years, we have been living with the flawed theory of HIV causing AIDS without valid scientific proof.

Learn the truth about AIDS; HIV has never been proven to cause AIDS; there isn't a test for the actual virus; “viral load” test does not measure a virus; HIV has never been properly isolated or validated; there isn't any proof that HIV is sexually transmitted; AIDS medicines can cause AIDS; HIV has never been found in anyone's blood; thousands have died due to AIDS medicines; and don't let faulty HIV tests ruin your life.

Discover that AIDS in Africa is mainly inflated statistics; HIV positive does not mean active infection; HIV does not kill t-cells; HIV violates Koch’s Postulates; and toxic and black-box warning drugs harm people, especially pregnant women and the fetus.

AIDS is a multifactorial disease which can be defeated by restoring the immune system. Many have learned the truth about AIDS, have stopped the toxic medicines, and are living healthy lives.
Book Pages: 161
Price:   $19.95
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