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Arizona, An Adventure Of Love
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Book Title: Arizona, An Adventure of Love
Record Number: 3282
Author: F.D. Caldwell
Author Bio: F.D. Caldwell is the author of two other romance novels: Alabama, A Haven For Love; and Alaska, Love Found Under the Stars.
ISBN: 1-58909-838-2
Binding: Paperback Format
Author Email ID: floydcald@aol.com
Book Description:   "I PROMISE THAT I'LL BE BACK AS SOON AS I CAN," Mr. McCain promised, and bending slightly forward he kissed her lips.

It was only a tiny kiss that he might have given to a child.

Yet he knew as soon as he left the room that it wasn't a child that he had kissed, nor was there anything childish in the response that he felt deep inside.

Shania lay on the couch where he had left her and told herself that the most beautiful feeling that she had ever felt in her whole young life was the magic touch of his lips on hers.

Yet she knew deep down that the rich cotton farmer had only kissed her to reassure her after all that she had just been through. However, because she loved him, everything else that she was feeling was quickly brushed aside by the pounding of her heart.

He had finally kissed her!

Now that was definitely something that Shania would be able to recall for the rest of her life. Then suddenly the horrible thought came back to her that maybe she wouldn't have very much longer to live.

After all, she didn't just kill a man, she murdered a State Assemblyman, and the penalty for murder in the State of Arizona was death.
Book Pages: 245
Price:   $18.95
Ebook Format Available   Pdf
Ebook Price   $9.95
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