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Been There Done That
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Book Title: Been There Done That
Record Number: 2269
Author: Lee Middle School Journalism Students
Author Bio: This book includes the writings of 23 eighth grade students. After a year of writing non-fiction articles for the school newspaper, the students wanted to work on a book. Each student chose his or her own topic and genre: personal essay, poem, question and answer. As they progressed through the writing process, formulaic writing gave way to writing from the heart and their individual voices began to emerge. These students, now in high school, are certain to make an impact on everyone they meet.
ISBN: 1589095243
Binding: Paperback Format
Author Email ID: dkeeler@bellsouth.net
Book Description:   "Been there, done that" is a collaborative effort between students in two 8th grade journalism classes taught by Mrs. Keeler at Lee Middle School in Orlando, Florida. When given a choice for the book's focus, students decided to write about issues they face everyday. These struggles (divorce, depression, cancer, stress of school, etc.) are not confined to just one group of teens; they are universal. Students cope with these issues in a number of ways: writing, talking with a trusted adult, or seeking the advice of a professional. The purpose of the book is not to take the place of any of those coping skills. It is simply to show other teens they are not alone in their struggles.
Book Pages: 122
Price:   $15.95
Ebook Format Available   Pdf
Ebook Price   $9.95
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