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Memories In Combat Boots
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Book Title: Memories In Combat Boots
Record Number: 1154
Author: Tom Meylor
Author Bio: Growing up on on a rural Iowa farm, the author was drafted into the service after high school. He spent 2 years in the army. After his discharge from the army he farmed a couple of years. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University, married and had a family. He worked in the fertilizer industry. The last 23 years of his working life he worked as a loan officer for the Farmers Home Administration, United States Department of Agriculture. One of his interesting and challenging experiences was the 8 years he worked on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation in northwestern South Dakota. After retirement he reached the point where he was able to write his story and hopefully some of the story of thousands of others.
Binding: Ebook format
Author Email ID: temeylor@midusa.net
Book Description:   A personal story of a young infantry soldier in WWII from Co B, 115th Inf. Regiment , 29th Division. The author's memories relate to the emotions of fear and the waste of human life as the war continues. The author reflects on the sacrifices made by families who lost loved ones. He tries to make it possible for the families to better understand the experiences of their loved ones who can not express their own feelings about such traumatic events. Within this book are the names of 3118 men of the 115th Infantry Regiment who were killed in action.
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