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Mutiny In The Desert
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Book Title: Mutiny in the Desert
Record Number: 1102
Author: Keith D. Munson
Author Bio: The Author, former Captain Keith Munson, was deployed as an Operational Law Officer for the 24th Infantry Division (Mechanized) throughout the Persian Gulf War. His responsibilites included advising the General's staff and commanders at all echelons concerning the legal aspects of waging war. He also served as the Division's senior prosecutor and conducted courts-martial in the open sands of Saudi Arabia. Captain Munson received the Meritorious Service Medal for his service.
Binding: Ebook format
Author Email ID: Kmunson@wcsr.com
Book Description:   MUTINY IN THE DESERT is a murder mystery played out against the embellished background of the 24th Infantry Division's experiences during the Persian Gulf War. As the story develops, Colonel Moore, the ranking military lawyer, is found dead in his tent, apparently from an allergic reaction to a scorpion sting. The muffled celebration of his staff is sobered by CID Special Agent Morgan's relentless investigation of the unfortunate accident as a murder. As the investigation focuses on the JAG Office, the reader enjoys entertaining glimpses of desert life for the overstaffed and marginally appreciated combat-ready legal office. The Divison Commander, General Armstrong, demands that the case be tried before the the ground offensive begins. The ensuing bizarre court-martial threatens to jeopardize the Division's combat readiness as well as the universal reputation of military justice.

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Book Pages: 193
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Ebook Price   $5.00
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