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Our Days Were Years
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Book Title: Our Days Were Years
Record Number: 1098
Author: Harry D. Reilich
Author Bio: Born in December, 1919, in Michigan, the author returned from the war to Southern California, received a degree from the University of Southern California in Civil Engineering in 1952 and spent a career-long love affair with bridge design and bridge building. He was in charge of multi-million dollar bridge construction projects for the State of California, including the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in Northern California and the San Diego-Coronado Bridge. He ended his career as the Chief Engineer for the Golden Gate Bridge District and after retirement spent 20 years as a Consulting Engineer. He now lives a "fully-retired" life in Windsor, California.
ISBN: 978-1-58909-266-2
Binding: Paperback Format
Author Email ID: lorreil9@gmail.com
Book Description:   This is the account of my personal experiences in the Philippines at the start of WWII, from the first attacks on Clark Field near Manila, our valiant stand against overwhelming Japanese odds for 4 months before the fall of Bataan, the Bataan Death March and a three and one-half year incarceration in Japanese P.O.W. camps, both in the Philippines and on the Japanese islands. An epilogue is also included which outlines the life I made for myself upon my return, and the obstacles I overcame to go on to a full and wonderful life.
Book Pages: 258
Price:   $18.95
Ebook Format Available   Doc
Ebook Price   $7.95
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