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Over And Under
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Book Title: Over and Under
Record Number: 1062
Author: John Misterly, Jr
Author Bio: John Misterly, Jr. was born in Los Angeles, California, attended public schools there until he entered the Army soon after World War II started. He applied for flight training and became a B-29 lead navigator. He also served in Korea and Vietnam, rising to full Colonel in the USAF and retiring in 1978 with over thirty-five of years service. He attended several universities graduating from the University of Southern California. He is also a graduate of the Air War College and Command and Staff School. Misterly is an active member of the Shrine, Scottish Rite and Masonic Order. He is a member of a number of fraternal organizations as well as the American Legion. He is the editor of the 58th Bomb Wing Association newsletter. He is an accomplished musician and is a member of different musical groups. Misterly is married to Jean Marie Misterly, has four children JohnIII, Patricia L. Susan Misterly Adams and Richard M. There are nine grandchildren and nine great-grand children.
Binding: Ebook format
Author Email ID: misterly@zzz.com
Book Description:   Over & Under is a true story of the adventures of a B-29 aircrew and in particular it's Navigator, who is the author. The story is of Lt. Lea's activities in becoming a B-29 aerial lead navigator and a member of a combat crew. The story follows the historic events concerning the aerial war against Japan during WWII. His adventures or love and war will fascinate all readers. The title is self explanatory in that it covers the aerial war against the Empire of Japan and of his ordeal of ditching his aircraft off the Japanese coast and his survival at sea. He is picked up by a US submarine after eight harrowing days in a one man life raft. Preview a Chapter.
Book Pages: 400+
Ebook Format Available   Pdf
Ebook Price   $7.95
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