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The Tempest And Storm
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Book Title: The Tempest and Storm
Record Number: 1157
Author: Brian P. Corrado
Author Bio: Brian Paul Corrado was born in Natick, Massachusetts in 1972. The only son of a Navy pilot and a Norwegian immigrant, Brian graduated from Elon College in North Carolina during the spring of 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. After three-and-a-half years as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division, Brian went to college by way of the G.I.Bill and spent much of that time writing in preparation for stories such as this. Now working for a software firm in Raleigh, Brian resides in Cary, North Carolina and is currently working to expand this version into a full-sized novel.
Binding: Ebook format
Author Email ID: muddyboots@mindspring.com
Book Description:   In the summer of 1990, Saddam Hussein invaded and attempted to retain control of neighboring Kuwait with a well-equipped, powerful war machine. As a prompt reply, President George Bush sent America's 82nd Airborne Division in defense of Saudi Arabia's northern border and oil fields. A lightly armed, highly professional force, the division spent nearly nine months in the Middle East while a coalition of Western forces was being built. Beginning with the notice of deployment, a paratrooper in the All American attempts to explain the emotional and physical attachments gained in the course of the Gulf War, and those left behind in the States. Not a political observation but an emotional one, this personal short story tries to explain the existence that any soldier may have felt for those moments when he is aware that everyone he knows is living at the other end of the world. Yet, everyone he will come to depend on is within an arm's reach. Set in a landscape rich with history and culture, this narrative hopes to give the reader a personal account of what life in the modern battlefield has come to, the types of challenges every soldier must face, and the kinds of sacrifices that every troop must make. From the barracks at Fort Bragg to the sands of Iraq, an adult reflects on the adventure of a lifetime and comes to some intimate realizations.
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