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This Nearly Was Mine
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Book Title: This Nearly Was Mine
Record Number: 1884
Author: Liz Bruce and David J. Barksdale
Author Bio: Liz Bruce is a graduate of Emerson College where she learned to express her creativity. She has done that in many mediums: sculpting, photography, acting, choreography, directing and now in the writing of her first book. She resides in Winchester, Mass. This book is a tribute to the poetry and prose of David J. Barksdale, a lifetime resident of Westminster, Mass., who created for her the most romantic relationship any woman could want to have.
Binding: Paperback Format
Author Email ID: isabelbruc@aol.com
Book Description:  

This Nearly Was Mine is the true story of David Barksdale, a poet who made his living as a cross-country truck driver and Liz Bruce an artist who made her living as an insurance broker.

They had known each other for a brief four months when they were barely in their teens. She never imagined her thirteen-year old “steady” had kept her in his heart for forty-six years. Now their spirituality calls out and brings them back together again. It is an experience of pure love and gratitude recounted by their journals and David’s perceptions of beauty, life and philosophy. They share the life lessons they each have learned and pass them on to you in This Nearly Was Mine.

From This Nearly Was Mine

David handed her the handwritten pages and asked her to read them.

Alone - A Life Song

I walked barefoot upon the sand, tasted the salt air.
The ocean breeze gently buffeted my face.
Feeling the sun warm upon my back
I followed its setting reflection out across the heaving swells to a point
Where it appeared to pierce a part of that place
Where a clear blue sky meets a gray blue sea in seeming infinity.
There, at that moment, I earnestly, almost desperately,
Yearned for someone to touch, to show, to share
that magnificent portrait,
That fleeting glimpse of eternity.
Only to be brought conscious by the cold white
froth foam crossing my feet,
Rolling to the shore.
But in time, yes, in time to hear the whisperings of my soul.
My God! This is a moment of life.
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Book Pages: 127
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