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Twice In A Lifetime
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Book Title: Twice in a Lifetime
Record Number: 2573
Author: Kenisha Maria McDonald
Author Bio: Kenisha Maria McDonald was born and raised on the tropical island of Jamaica. It was there she began her writing career. She then migrated to the state of Delaware, where she currently resides. She is a licensed nurse, but continues to write every chance she gets. She has had several articles published. She has also had several poems published, some of which are included in the books Twilight Musings and Timeless Voices. Kenisha is currently preparing her second book for publication.
ISBN: 1-58909-576-6
Binding: Paperback Format
Book Description:   Kai Mercado was searching for answers, answers that no one seemed able to give her. How can life be so cruel? Cruel enough not to prepare her for disasters to come. Cruel enough not to warn her of its imperfections. Cruel enough to take from her the one person she had no plans of living without. Anthony Mercado's death turned her life topsy turvy, and loneliness became natural for Kai. And then, Jerome Mercado decided he was man enough to love Kai like she had never been loved before. He just wasn't prepared for the challenges that lay ahead...
Book Pages: 92
Price:   $13.95
Ebook Format Available   Pdf
Ebook Price   $9.95
Book format :  

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