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Graphic Services

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buy button Add a Custom Photo to Cover Template

Add a custom photo of your choice to any of our cover templates. The photo must be at least 300 dpi for best results.


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buy button Custom Cover Art Design and Creation:

Provide us with a sample or your ideas for your cover art and our artists will create it.


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buy button Custom Illustrations (interior or cover) - Per Illustration

If you need custom artwork or illustrations we will connect you with an artist who will bring your concept to life using various mediums from sketches, water color, oil, digital, etc.


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buy button Graphics Image Touch Up (per image)

Resize or crop an image for the book cover or interior.


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buy button Image Cropping and Insertion into Book File (per image)

Resize or crop an image for the book interior and insert into book block.


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buy button Multiple Image Insertions into Book File (per Image)

We will insert multiple images (i.e. 10 or more) into your book file for $10 per image


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Our extra services are broken down into four categories for ease of shopping. Please click the links below to view the services:

Editing Services

Marketing Services

Graphic Arts Services

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